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President shitskin without his teleprompter:

President Nigger Obama simply cannot function at a public event without reading pre -written speeches from the teleprompter.

What is a teleprompter?
an electronic device that, unseen by the audience, scrolls a prepared speech, script, etc. line by line, as a prompting aid to a speaker
or actor on television.

Obama regularly takes an unprecedented nine prompters to any event on the road. Any trained nigger can read from a script, you can always teach a monkey to do tricks. But when the prompter malfunctions and president nigger is forced to rely on his inferior shitskin brain to speak,
the true stupidity of this nigger is made so very obvious.

Check out this video of president shitskin trying to function
without reading a pre-prepared speech:

The media claims that Obama is the smartest nigger that ever lived, virtually a messianic figure. The truth is that this shitskin is just another dumb nigger,
maybe a bit smarter than your average street nigger, because Obama does have some white blood in him. But he is still just a dumb shitskinned ape whom can't perform without his jewish masters whom assist him.

Homeland Security's Report on right-winged "extremists":

left-winged extremists report on alleged right-winged extremism:
Read the unclassified US Department of Homeland Insecurity's report concerning white racialists and everyone else the vile communist thugs
the shitskin-nigger-obama adminstration hates.

The red menace in the White House:


Senator Joe Mccarthy saw our tragic future.

He loudly warned us about infiltrations of the red communist menace.
It is most unfortunate that many of Joe's warnings were quickly forgotten.
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty. However, many of our people lack that vigilance and have become weak, distracted and lazy. They have
been brainwashed to embrace ideals that are highly destructive.
Now that we are losing whatever small sheds of liberty we had left,
we have only ourselves to blame. We have forged our own chains of slavery by allowing such vile creatures like Obama and Bush
to transform this country into a living hell. We are on a downward
spiral as the United States of America is becoming transformed by communist revolutionaries into the Union Socialists of Amerika.

Can the final crash of America be stopped, or is our fate all but certain?

"President" Obama regularly surrounds himself with radical marxist revolutionaries. He also has more czars than any other standing "president". These creatures are simply overpaid advisors to nigbama whom are answerable only to nigbama. There's a drug czar, a U.S. border czar, an urban czar, a regulatory czar, a stimulus accountability czar, an Iran czar, a Middle East czar, a czar for both Afghanistan and Pakistan
and god knows how many more... By some accounts, Obama has
nearly three dozen czars in his administration, managing everything
from closing Gitmo to ending genocide in Darfur. The "president" also
adds new Czars on a regular basis, giving away fat salaries
and huge government benefits to his friends and allies.

How much do these Czars really make?
Here are some of the salaries we could find:

Homeland Security Czar: John Brennan, $172,200
Full title: Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security
Advisor for Counter terrorism and Homeland Security.

Energy & Environment Czar: Carol Browner, $172,200
Full title: Assistant to the President for Energy and
the (nonexistent) Climate Change.

Urban Affairs Czar: Adolfo Carrion, Jr: $158,500
Full title: Assistant to the President and Director, Office of Urban Affairs.

Health Czar: Nancy-Ann DeParle: $158,500
Full title: Counselor to the President and Director of the
White House Office for Health Care Reform.

Just what is the job of a Czar consultant, advising the "President"?
Do they merely talk to the "president" a couple of times a month on the phone or meet in person ocassionally to justify their huge six figure salary?

Obama has even appointed a self-proclaimed Communist revolutionary
to a position of importance in the White House. This Czar appointment has received almost no mainstream notice, most in the media seem to think it was no big deal. Most.

The man in question is the sub-human primate named Van Jones. Our illegal alien "President" Obama appointed this shitskin as a czar in charge of developing “green energy policy.” His exact title is Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality... It's hard to imagine how a communist whom is dedicated to destroying capitalism and nationalizing
all corporations is capable of creating
any policies that will create jobs, let
alone "green" ones(whatever that nonsense means). Regardless, let's now look into the history of one filthy groid whom is pulling in a salary of at least
172,000 of your money...

Under the Eisenhower administration, a pinko like Jones would have a massive file compiled by J. Edgar Hoover's employees. Jones would
have most likely been stripped of his citizenship and deported to
some vile turd-world country. At one time America considered Communists a threat to the internal security of the United states of America and took
action to protect the country. But now communists are openly accepted even though communism has proven to be a failed system. The
jewish-orchestrated plans to destroy America are nearly complete.

Van Jones- The History of A Domestic Terrorist:
From 1992 until  2002, Jones was a member of a radical communist group that was dedicated to organizing a communist revolutionary movement in America.” How did this shitskin become so radical? Jones has publicly stated that he considers himself a communist as in this 2005 interview:

" In jail, I met all these young radical people of color -- I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like, 'This is what I need to be a
part of. I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary. I was a rowdy nationalist
on April 28th, and then the King verdicts came down on April 29th.
By August, I was a communist."

This domestic terrorist was arrested during the Rodney King riots for participating in the looting and burning of an American city in an attempt overthrow the US government by any means possible. Jones wasn't one
of those "nice" communists that obeys the law and tried to gain power through elections. Jones had shown through his actions that he
is a criminal revolutionary and a racist nigger made from
the same "kill whitey" mold as the Black Panthers.

In 1994, Jones helped to form a communist collective called:
"Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement", or STORM. The group held neo-communist training on the theories of Marx and Lenin and dreamed of a multiracial socialist utopia.
They protested law enforcement and got arrested for
attempting to crash through police barricades and other stupidity.

We now have the STORM SUMMATION MANUAL available for
your inspection. This PDF file has been removed from the internet
by communist militants in order to and protect Van Jones.
Whitey read and know your enemy!

It isn't a coincidence that president shitskin Obama has surrounded
himself with the most radical of communists & socialist revolutionaries.
This illegal-alien usurper open embraces the most radical freaks
of the left because he one of them!

Poisoning the minds of the children: Obama at his worst!

"president" nigger was forced to direct his minions to rewrite hisschool speech after a massive public outcry against communist brainwashing. Obama's new speech to the kiddies sounded like it was written by a conservative republican! With messages like "stay in school" and " Work hard" Shitbama's radical communist agenda was nowhere
to be found. Public opinion "scared him straight' at least for this speech. He's still a leftist extremist, but can act if and when needed!

The first simian family

Parents are outraged after a Utah elementary school showed a video to brainwash schoolchildren "to be of service to Barack Obama".

The video, titled "I Pledge" and produced by Radical leftist Demi Moore and features over 50 left-leaning celebrities, offer their support for the illegal usurper Obama's policies. The insane film was played for chimp Obama
during his inaugural celebration.

School administrators at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington, Utah, showed the video to young students at the Aug 28 school assembly. The communist trash sparking outrage from parents and conservative groups who called the film "radical, leftist propaganda,"The film "I Pledge" opens with a popular depiction of Obama. The nigger states, "Let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other."
In other words, more Leftist hogwash straight from the playbook
written by Carl Marx.

The following are some of the ridiculous pledges:

I pledge allegiance to the funk of the united funk of funkadelica.
I pledge to never give anyone the finger when I'm driving again
I pledge to advance stem-cell research
I pledge To reduce my use of plastic.
I pledge use less bottled water.
I pledge to be more green.
I pledge to no longer use plastic bags at the grocery store.
I pledge to sell my obnoxious car and buy a hybrid.
I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama

The video asks viewers to visit and sign up for a community service project.

News of the public school's decision to show the video comes after it was reported that coon Obama plans to give a national address to the nation's school children on Sept. 8. School officials have been asked to take a break from normal educational activities to allow students to view a
speech from the "president" and participate in recommended
brainstorming exercises following the broadcast.

The speech is scheduled to be broadcast live at 12 p.m. EST on C-SPAN
and at communist-occupied website

Worksheets provided by the U.S. Department of Education instruct
teachers to ask pre-K through 6th-grade students the following questions:

What is the president trying to tell me to do?
What is the president asking me to do?
What new ideas & actions is the president challenging
me to think about?

Students may be asked to write down "key ideas or phrases that are important or personally meaningful. And then make posters of Obama's propaganda lines and paste them up in the classrooms.

Junior-high and high-school students may be asked to answer these questions before the speech:

Why does President Obama want to speak with us today?
How will he inspire us?
How will he challenge us?
What might he say?

They are required to take notes while the nigger speaks about personal responsibility, goals or persistence. As part of a guided discussion, they may be forced to talk about what Shitskin Obama has inspired or challenged them to do.

We urge all parents to inquire if their school will be hosting one of these Obama brainwashing parties for the children. Get your response from
them in writing & notarized it so you have evidence for any future lawsuit.
If the school is evasive, refuses to answer, or indeed will participate,
then do not allow your kids to go to school on that day! Or better yet,
don't send them to school on that day regardless!

Make it clear to the school officals that any kind of this obvious communist indoctrination and brainwashing directed at your kids, without your expressed written approval, will be grounds for regular and robust litigation!

Barack Hussein Obama: America's first Illegal Alien President!

Armageddon for the white race has arrived in America. A filthy mixed-race abomination illegally assuming presidential power, after winning an election seething with massive voter fraud.

But where are this darkie's true loyalities? The hybrid commander and chief once refused to salute the US flag at a political rally for the democrats!
Check out this video:

If this were the Keynan flag shitskin would have saluted!

Barack isn't even a US citizen and was ineligible to to run for president, let alone become elected and assume power. Why? His birth Certificate is a Obvious Photoshop Forgery. This fact has been proven by several board certified forensic computer investigators. One such professional even designed counterfeit detection hardware and software for the banking
and retail industry.

The democrats previously posted a scanned copy of the alleged Obama birth certificate online. The original copy is legally sealed and locked away in a vault in Hawaii. No independent sources has examined firsthand the original document, we supposed to just take the word of some faceless Hawian bureaucrat and believe the improvised forgery posted online.

What's the problem Hussein?
If the nigger has nothing to hide he would gladly produce the document,
allow inspection by the professionals, who would verify it's validity and the issue would go away. Publishing a forged document online merely feeds into the online conspiracy chatter as the truth about Hussein Obama becomes clearer than a nigger in a snowstorm.

President Kenyan Shitstain!

"Nigger in charge! Nigger in charge! Praise be lordy: Nigger in charge!"


With the election of the shitskin to the presidency, our world is changing for the worse. Shiny new chains of slavery, forged by the jew allied with his pet nigger, have now been officially placed on all of White America.

The master is now the slave and millions of these subhuman simians are rejoicing. Change has come and it will be a change for the worse.

All these stupid shitskins actually believe that since a "brother" in the white house, things will improve for the coons. Many muds still believe that a Obama presidency will somehow take away the niggers problems: The nigs couldn't be farther from the truth.
Obama is destroying America.
His insane spending will cause a massive devaluation of the US currency, throw america into another depression, and make life extremely tough for both whites and blacks.

Welcome to the United States of Zimbabwe.

Durning the election of president shitskin, nearly 95% of all shitskins voted Obama, proving that nearly every nigger in America is extremely racist.
But, the joke is on you nigger: You have been conned by your own kind!
Obama will only work to serve jewish interests, and his twisted shitskin administration will service his zionist bosses. The Jews want america reduced to a turd-world and they are suceeding.

Obama was the canidate chosen by the jews, promoted by the jews and paid for by the jews. This kenyan shitstain nigbama has his masters and they are the creatures with hooked-noses from Tel Aviv:

Obama Pedges over 30 Billion to his masters in Israel

The American jewsmedia dog and pony show is constant and unending. They continue, like they have for decades, to brainwash the masses with pro-nigger bullshit. Media fools seem to be in competition as to who can the bigger race-traiting nigger lover.

For example, while this subhuman shitskin was being inagurated into the presdency, the poisonous media propaganda was:

"You are watching history!"

CNN was even selling tee-shirts and running ridiculous commercials
every hour for those insanely stupid "Obama plates".

Of course the media fruit loops consider the first nigger to become president a great historical moment. These are the same jewsmedia leftists who having been telling us for decades that skin color doesn't matter, but they are always first to point out Obama's race.

The media minions are lying hypocrites and criminally deviant misfits, everyone of them. The icing on the cake is the fact that our new President nigger is an illegal alien. But to the commissars, gangsters and communist thugs whom run our government, constitutional law is of little importance.
All that matters to the vermin is the race of the president and the poison that is flowing from the blackhouse!!

our world has turned upsidedown.

If buttercups buzz'd after the bee,
If boats were on land, churches on sea,
If ponies rode men and if grass ate the cows,
And cats should be chased into holes by the mouse,
If the mamas sold their babies
To the gypsies for half a crown;
If summer were spring and the other way round,
Then all the world would be upside down.

President Nigger with a harvard law degree
thinks there are 58 states, Minus Alaska and Hawaii!

This genocidal war to exterminate every facet of White existence is brought to you by our eternal jewish enemies and their kosher conspirators in the Mass media. Now with their pet nigger, the jews goal for the complete murder of the white race is finally within their grasp.

Perhaps President Obama will one day be remembered,
just like President John Kennedy!

Obama the idiot in action!

Our advice:
Get you bullets boots and beans.
Prepare for domestic upheaval. The US government will most likely collapse under the Obama Administration. If the economy continues to fall into a full-fledged depression, rivers of blood will flow. The trillions in government bailouts simply won't work and will merely postpone the inevitable collapse.

All nations die eventually. The American Government is no exception
to this rule. The USA will meet it's own final demise while drowning in a sea of debt that will never be repaid. The government will collapse due to bad management and corruption, not terrorist acts.

What Brain Power!

The policies of the idiotic Obama Administration are making a bad situation worse and destroying the American Economy and government.

It's up to all of us to be prepared for the chaos that will surly follow,
or else you could easily end up a victim at the hands of the shit people.

Coming soon: The United States of Zimbawabe-

The current leadership of America has but one goal:
To completely destroyed America economically, racially and morally...

Their nefarious objectives are being actualized....

Bush and his fellow bandits worked overtime implementing plans of
economic destruction that came to fruition. The brainwashed white masses willingly are marching into the gas chambers of economic destruction followed by the crematory ovens of total racial oblivion.

The current mess started when our elected-racketeers decided to deregulate the US financial system. Removal of these laws soon lead to massive fraud and economic meltdown. The Neo-Con's plan to fix everything involved giving their bankster buddies billions in bailouts with absolutely no accountability. What were the billions really spent on? For all we know the US Taxpayer funds could have been pissed away on anything from CEO bonuses to Lear jetting to visit whorehouses in Thailand.

Now our new nigger is expected to clean up the heaping piles of steaming dung left by the criminals in the Bush Administration. It just can't be done, even by a white man! But our pet nigger does have quite the dog and pony show: it is a masterful performance. The show began with the shitskin's inauguration and a virtual army of brainwashed white fools & racially-unclean beasts celebrating.
Change has come! The crooks to soon run the federal government
will be neo-communists as opposed to neo-conservatives...
like that will make any real difference...

What the Democrats will inherit is a 10.5 Trillion national debt that has continued to increase an average of $3.49 billion per day, since 9-28-07. When Bush first took office the national debt was only 5.7 Trillion
and it has more than doubled under the corrupt reign of King George.

Regardless of the propaganda, The "magical" nigger Obama has no intention of paying down the debt. The shitskin, united with his criminal conspirators in the congress, will severely expand the insane spending but on different projects. Every president in recent history has had their crisis. They need a excuse for burying the country further and further into a sea of unending debt. George Bush SR. had his war of drugs, George Bush Jr. had his war on terrorism and now Skitskin Obama
will have his war to fix the U.S. economy.

The Neo-Coms (neo-communists) have orchestrated massive government spending to create millions of new jobs. But the minorities, the niggers get hiring priority.

In the coming years, expect the National Debt to continue to rise thanks to shitskin leadership. Expect the debt to hit $25-$30 Trillion under the spendthrift Obama administration.

Regardless of the lies told by the mainstream US jewsmedia, our illegal-alien President will only make a bad situation worse. Whitey can look forward to a special brand of poison from the commies. we fully expect Amnesty for Obama's fellow illegal aliens, as this power-mad nigger runs the country into bankruptcy.

The First world Nation called America is descending to Turd world status. The Republican robbers would have accomplished the exact same goals but would have taken these crooks A little longer.

God Bless America... or whatever putrefied corpse that is left of her,
after Obama's neo-com gangsters deal out their final death blow...

Obama's Campaign Playbook Stolen From The Third Reich!

The Barrack Obama administration (A.K.A. The Obamination)
owes it political success primarily to three factors:

1. The raising over 3/4 of a Billion from a horde of human debris.
2. The US jewsmedia treating the nigger like god incarnate.
3. Employment of propaganda techniques developed by Nazi Germany.

For example, Adolf Hitler taught us in his book (Mein Kampf) that propaganda should be very simple & always have emotional appeal. According to Hitler, The most effective propaganda uses short, simple, phrases that convey emotion. Like the word "Hope" under the picture or "Change" as in the most popular nigger-bama poster.

To Quote HItler from Mein Kamph:

"All effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan. As soon as you sacrifice this slogan and try to be many-sided, the effect will piddle away, for the crowd can neither digest nor retain the material offered. In this way the result is weakened and in the end entirely cancelled out."


"The art of propaganda lies in understanding the emotional ideas of the great masses and finding, through a psychologically correct form, the way to the attention and thence to the heart of the broad masses."

Obama's camera angles were usually shot from low looking up,
just like leni Riefenstahl's photography of HItler in Triumph of the will.
This type of camera work can give the person a godlike appearance...

Obama even accepted the democratic nomination in a sports stadium packed with 80,000 devotees. His massive political gathering Looked somewhat like Nuremberg events of the Third Reich but with one difference: Third Reich rallies had Aryan military precision, not the freakshow of mud-chaos.

Hitler's friend Erest Hanfstaengl was enrolled in Harvard. He went to a college Football game and saw the thousands of maniacal fans. He later returned to Germany with film of games. One night in the 1920's Erenst played Hitler a sample of the game and it's fans. Hitler was very impressed. He applied the idea of a sports stadium gathering to political rallies. Coincidentally, Obama holds a Law Degree from Harvard...

Obama's propaganda and pageantry was designed by National Socialist Germany, and was inspired by an American football game.

The nigger owes much of his success to National Socialist Propaganda techniques actively employed by his communist and nigger allies in the US jewsmedia.

The nigger who works for the jew!

Different skin color but same olde jewish enslavement!

White people have openly chosen genocide by voting for illegal Alien Barrack obama. They did have another choice, but with a virtual media blackout, the jewsmedia mind-control-machine relentlessly ground on, injecting the shitskin venom into the rabble. Many whites have completely embraced shitbama, possessed the rabid belief that their new "black demigod" can somehow fix the mess left by the crooked George Bush Adminstration The nigger doesn't have a prayer.

Obama mania is out of control and even the jewsmedia are now cautioning the public to not set expectations too high. Fixing the massive US government cluster-fuck is an impossible task for a whiteman, let alone a filthy nigger. To make an omelet you gotta break some eggs. Many eggs must be broken in congress, if this country will ever again return to sanity.

Media psyops are arrogantly asking the sheepeople: "Where were you when the first African-American President was elected?" The lords of politically-correctness believe the shitskin presidential victory is one of the most important moments in history, like when man first walked on the moon.
The jewsmedia keeps descending to new lows, piling filth upon filth in a disgusting display of abnormality.

We could have went another direction. A direction that would have embraced traditional values of family, race and nation. A direction that is pro-white and stops the genocide of European-americans. But instead Americans received the dream, the media-induced illusion that this nigger will somehow magically fix our problems. We will get is amnesty for illegal aliens, gun bans, slavery reparations, faggot marriage laws,
and god knows what else.

America, you have earned destruction through your own stupidity.



Our own race has betrayed us.  Grin

Many whites have lost their facilities after drinking the poisonous wine of diversity, handed to them by the filthy jews. They have grown soft, stupid and easily manipulated. Our race is full of cowards, brainwashed sheep-people, mindless pawns who are easily used. Not all of our people are in this poetic condition, a few hearty souls and free-thinkers still exist, but their cries of anguish are often drowned out by masses screaming the shitskin mantra Obama, Obama, Obama!

It matters not to the educated morons that a junior senator with only 4 years in congress doesn't have a clue about how to run the country:


All that matters to the presidential shitskin Nigbama is race!


Whitey is in deep shit and we have our own race to blame.
Our people have allowed the jew to gain such a firm foothold in this country that they can run our government like marionette. Jews scream their poision and most of our people are more interested in swelling beer and watching niggerball games to notice.

The jews now have their pet nigger....these kosher creatures and their muds allies should have been purged long, long ago but our people have choosen slavery to removal of the evil within our society.

Just like the niggers whom were brought to America as slaves, our own people have sold us into slavery. It is a slavery to the jew, using their front man the nigger to inject the communist poison.

We are now seeing a gradual erosion of the right of whites and a steady increase in their slavery. Some oppression is happening quickly, but the overall destruction of all of white people's rights is still orchestrated be by gradualism. They are boiling us to death by slowly turning the water up. This is how the jews got a nigger in the Whitehouse, through decades of tele-jew and media brainwashing.

Hell wasn't built in a day, and our brave, new nigger-controlled world will be exactly that for whitey: A total Living Hell!

Special Thanks to Legion of Saints for all that they do.


None of the information within this site is copyrighted.
feel free to copy and distribute to the white public.
For more info:


Aryan Nations World Headquarters
P.O. Box 282
Converse, Louisiana 71419