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September 2nd 2012

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Constitution and World Outlook

The constitution of the Aryan World and National Aryan State is based upon the Leadership principle.

The Covenant combines the people's will with the authority of administering the Law.

The best form of State and Constitution is that which, with natural sureness of hand, raises the best brains of the community to a position of leadership and predominant influence.

The end in view of all Aryan efforts and institutions is the preservation and increase of the race and people of their Father and God.

The Aryan Constitution is Divinely ordained and based upon Eternal Life Law principles.

The Divine-Ordained Aryan Constitution stems from a single central authority.   The heads of all departments carry full responsibility in their work, exercising control over subordinates and being subject to the general control of their superiors.   Such is the executive foundation of the Aryan National State.

The Aryan United States represents the leadership or the control of its own destinies by the entire community as a Nation and Race.    Neither the merchants nor the workers, private class nor group, can control a State for its own private interests.

Capitalism, or the lending and borrowing of money at interest, cannot be in the Aryan State.   The economic system is, under Divine Law, controlled towards the equation of production and consumption in which there is only income earned by work.

The starting point of an Aryan National State is not the State but the people.   The supreme test of every institution is: Does it preserve the people?

Intolerance of opposing ideas is necessary to strength.   Strength lies in the disciplined observance of rigid principle based upon preservation of Nation and Race.

The Aryan political concept of government is by statesmen trained in natural Divine Law and administrators, advised by technical experts in the various fields of economic and cultural activity.

The Aryan views not only his State and Nation but his Race throughout the earth; and he works for understanding and union between the different language of the one, ordained ruling Race.   Against the international organization of Jewry he sets his Aryan Christian World union.

Aryan Nationalism embraces the heroic Aryan principle.   Sacrifice for the Cause rather than personal pleasure must be the guiding light.   For, on the foundation of Aryan strength and unity are built the only possibilities of individual fullness of life.   To the anti-Christ doctrine of the prime importance of the individual, the Aryan Nationalist replies with the doctrine of common Racial interest before private interest.   This concept, together with the leadership principle forms the basis of this Aryan Christian Constitution, a Divine Compact.

The Aryan Nations movement is not mere theory: it is the acknowledgment of the millions of our Race that they are brothers and sisters. The future of an Aryan America as of the whole Aryan world, does not depend on the number of associations which work for this future, but it rather depends on the question whether the will of the many can be successfully brought to acknowledge our Father's single Will and, thus, be united in a movement which will execute our purpose and our ordained mission on earth.

--Excerpts from: War, Politics, and Power

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