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Aryan Nations

"War is the continuation of politics by other means." -Clausewitz

The principles of WAR apply in the theo-political struggle with the same force as in war. Karl von Clausewitz makes these points:

Courage and self-confidence are principles absolutely essential to war.

We must in all circumstances think of war not as an independent thing, but as a political instrument.

Tactics and Strategy -- a powerful iron will -- just as a man of the world, in whom judgment has been ingrained as a habit, speaks and acts and moves only as befits the occasion. ...Mental and moral qualities are likewise of great importance.

The human mind is formed by the kinds of knowledge imparted to it and direction given to its ideas. Only what is great can make it great; the small can only make it small.

He must know the character, the habit of thought, and the characteristic strengths and weakness' of those whom he commends.

War is an activity of the will. Chief moral powers are: the talents of the military virtue of the army, its national feeling.

National Spirit - Enthusiasm for the cause gives life and greater fire to the military virtue of an army.

Esprit de Corps - which can and must exist more or less in every army. Bravery, Adaptability, Powers of Endurance, and Enthusiasm (military virtue).

The character of the enemy government and people and capacities of both must be weighed. (determine -- mental and moral qualities).

The aim of war - the overthrow of the enemy. War is only a part of political intercourse; therefore, by no means an independent thing in itself.

Trace the weight of the enemy's power. Shoot directly at the heart of the enemy's power. Reduce all operation of war to a single object (trying to attain this as far as possible).

If the enemy aims at your destruction, you must then aim at his.

Weapons systems and conditions and circumstances of war can and do change, but this vital factor - the determination to resist and to win - remains constantly operative.

In guerrilla warfare (or political) supported from outside the country, a few men can grow to a sound squad, a squad to a platoon, a platoon to a company, a company to a battalion -- in short, the diffused guerrilla bands can become an army.

General war or counter-guerrilla warfare -- in which final success or failure will be the sum of many small gains or losses.

--Excerpts from: War, Politics, and Power



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