Aryan World Congress 2013


Again we have secured the perfect location that is serene, beautiful and let us emphasis secluded. The facility sleeps 52 people with large comfortable beds. There is a commercial kitchen with large dining area with two large and clean bathroom areas with plenty of shower and restroom facilities for all. There is also plenty of room for outdoor camping and if you have never been to Louisiana this is an opportunity for you to come to enjoy her beauty. September here in Louisiana is when we enjoy some of our finest fall weather. Be sure to attend and enjoy the fellowship of all of our Brothers and Sisters from the Aryan Nations Knights, the Aryan Nations SS Motorcycle Club and the Aryan Nations Skinhead Division as well as members from Aryan Nations Proper.  We hope that all will be in attendance at this this years Aryan Nations World Congress.


Aryan Nations - World Headquarters Post Office Box 282 Converse, Louisiana 71419