Aryan Nations Uniform

Everyone is expected to have a uniform. It is a requirement to be an Aryan Nations member. The Aryan Nations uniform looks like this below. Light blue security uniform shirt with navy blue pants, black belt and shined shoes or boots. All uniforms are to be clean and pressed. We are now using the collar tabs displayed further below. Everyone's collar tabs are the same and rank is displayed by a colored citation cord, (shown below, along with rank and the color of the box cord you'll need for your rank).

[Image: UniformGUIDLINES1.jpg]

$8.00 EachANK Patch $8:00 each

$6.00 Per Pair

AN Belt Buckle $30.00

$6.00 Each at most places

Here is one link where you can purchase your own citation cord. They are very reasonalbly priced The cord you want is the single color Box Cord.

Here is an inexpensive place to purchase uniform shirts etc. etc. Notice the shirts are on sale for a very good price and even the regular price is reasonable. You want the Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt in Light Blue

Light Blue Uniform Shirt - Long Sleeve

Here is the color coded rank structure for Aryan Nations.

Generals -Metalic Gold,
Lt. Generals -Dark Gold
Colonels -Yellow Gold
Lt. Colonel -Silver Metalic
Major -Royal Blue
Captain -Purple
Lieutenant -Orange
1st Lt.-Burgundy
Sgt. Major -Black
Master Serageant- Gray
Staff Seargent- Navy Blue
Seargent -Columbia Blue
Corporal -Red
Private -White

Aryan Nations World Headquarters Post Office Box 282 Converse, Louisiana 71419