Religion in Malta

Christianity In The Country Of Malta

The Christian Believe of the Maltese People

On a small Mediterranean island, in the nation of Malta, there is one predominant religion. The religion is called Roman Catholicism. Approximately 125 AD Publius was martyred. Scant information exists regarding the continuity of Malta and Christianity. While according to legend and tradition, there was a line of bishops from back in the days of St. Paul, there is little to display regarding the theory that Malta, at one time, was Christian.

The Maltese Islands were then under the dominion of the religious order of the Knights of Malta. From approximately the 15th century up until the later 18th century, their Grand Master obtained the status of prince of Catholicism. He had a special relationship with the Pope of the Roman Catholic church. However, this led to quite a bit of friction with the local Bishops who were jealous. Over the course of time, the power would decline and the reign would end around the time of Napoleon. Napoleon arrived in 1789 with his entourage whilst on his route to Egypt.

Napoleon, as a ruse, asked for a safe harbor in order to resupply his ships and then they turned his guns against him once they were safely inside of the Valletta Grand Master. Napoleon, not to be outdone, systematically looted the assets that were movable of the Order and sailed away to Egypt leaving quite a garrison in Malta. This was observed with some optimism and the illusion wasn’t long to last. In just a few short months the French closed convents and seized the treasures of the church. Several failed attempts later and the locals retook Valletta and then sent for the British for some help. Rear Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson chose a total blockade and the French garrison surrendered in 1800.

The diocese of Malta then brought forth a variety of petitions to create an independent diocese. This included the French occupation and a third petition that was to be directly brought to the Pope. As time passed, Malta then became a part of the much larger British Empire and in accordance with the Treaty of Paris, the British rule would last for 150 years. In 1964 Malta gained their independence and today, they’re part of a large group that claims Anglican Church affiliation and Protestant denominations.

During the years Malta have gone from strength to strength and the economy is booming. According to Mario from the Sylvia Bazaar orthopedic mattress shop in Zabbar, one of the reasons is that god really helps the Maltese people because they respect Him. “The Maltese people work so hard, and are very ambitious to succeed, that other nations envy us” Mario said. The feast and patron Saint are a large part of everyday life in the community and will always be.

The Christian church in Malta took some time coming to be but today, is thriving and doing well. St. Paul has been venerated as a patron saint of Malta and there are also a number of Catholic parishes that are thriving throughout Malta as well as Gozo. In the 19th century, gozo was a popular destination for spa relaxation and skin care rejuvenating treatments with mud and other natural products.

These are dedicated to St. Paul and include the Cathedral Church of none other than Mdina which is the Collegiates of Rabat as well as Valletta and then, of course, the parish of Hal-Safi and Munxar. Malta is not new to upheaval and change. They’ve many churches that treasure the state representation of Assumption. Each titular state has its own beliefs and conditions. Malta didn’t recognize divorce during much of this time and in 2011 a referendum was held introducing the conditions.

Malta has undergone many changes and upheaval but today is thriving and doing well. This small Mediterranean Island has made a name for itself as well as its country. What was once predominately Roman Catholic now encompasses many religions and cultures and has shaped this small country into Malta as we know it. Staying with tradition, many have retained their Roman Catholic traditions but others have embraced Christianity and are focused on teaching their bveliefs to others. Christianity is alive and well in this small islandic community and it continues to grow every year.

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