Rest in Peace

Richard Girnt Butler (February 23, 1918 – September 8, 2004)

The Aryan Nations Pastor Butler created in the mid-seventies is dead and gone. All that remain are a few good dedicated souls and a good many mal contents who wrongfully call themselves Aryan Nations, but will never be anything but degenerate prison gangsters and filthy unwashed wanna be bikers. The Aryan Nations name has such a negative stigma attached to it these days because of these types of people that it has no real value to it any longer. And because of the degeneration of our people the noble and honorable organization Aryan Nations no longer exists with the veracity that it once had.  Therefore it deserves to be respectfully laid to rest. No doubt some will continue to haul Aryan Nations through the mud by attaching its Christian standard to their filthy unwashed lives. But they are just playing a game of make believe. Rest in peace Aryan Nations.